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Why Remove Snow on Your Commercial Roof?

As beautiful as a fresh coat of snow looks, it can wreak havoc on the roof of your commercial building. Most commercial roofs are flat or have a gradual slope, so you cannot count on gravity to help you get rid of the snow. So, you need to call an established commercial roofing company that provides commercial roof snow removal services.

Hiring reputable roofing professionals protects your investment in your commercial building’s roof by preventing roof damage due to the accumulation of snow. Read on to learn why you should remove snow from the roof of your commercial building.

Accumulated Snow Can Exert Tons of Weight on Your Roof

Over time, the snow accumulates and becomes too heavy for your roof to handle. One cubic foot of light, fluffy snow adds up to five pounds, which may not seem like much. However, that mass can add up to 25 tons of snow for a roof with 10,000 square feet.

Heavy, wet snow can add up to 10–20 pounds per cubic foot, translating to 100 tons of additional weight on your roof. Even worse, snow undergoing multiple cycles of thawing and freezing can weigh up to 60 pounds per cubic foot, adding as much as 300 tons of snow to the hypothetical 10,000 sq. ft. roof.

Remove Snow on Your Commercial Roof to Prevent Damage from Excess Weight

Prevention is the ideal solution. Have commercial roofing professionals inspect your roof in the fall and fix any issues they identify before the harsh winter arrives. Experienced roofing professionals also check surrounding areas for potential hazards, such as low-hanging or dead tree branches that may damage your roof following extreme snowfall or high winds.

Crucially, commercial roofing professionals provide commercial roof snow removal services to safeguard your roof during the winter. It is worth emphasizing that this is not a job for the janitorial staff in your commercial building. Only licensed and insured commercial roofing professionals have the skills, experience, and equipment required for safe and effective snow removal.

You want to hire expert roofers who understand all types of roofing materials, so they know how to remove the snow without damaging the roof. Moreover, hiring roofing professionals safeguards you legally and financially because you don’t have to worry about voiding your roof’s warranty or being held liable in case of an injury.

Review Your Commercial Roofing Insurance Coverage and Warranty Information

It is wise to be proactive and assess your roof’s warranty information and insurance coverage before severe weather occurs. Ideally, you should store this information together, alongside an emergency roofing contractor’s contact, and make sure it is easily accessible.

That way, in case of a winter roofing emergency, you can act quickly and avoid heavy losses. You are less likely to panic in such an emergency because you are covered and know who to call. Moreover, reviewing your roofing insurance lets you identify gaps in your coverage and address them in due time.

Reliable Commercial Roof Snow Removal Services

Commercial roofs are susceptible to snow damage in the winter due to excess weight. Following the recommendations in this article will help keep your roof safe. NV Roofing offers roofing services, including snow removal, for commercial buildings, such as apartments, multi-family properties, retail spaces, corporate complexes, and industrial facilities.

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