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The Ultimate Guide to Safeguarding Your Roof From Storm Damage

A storm wreaks havoc that extends beyond a building. For a business, it means the cost of halted operations, customer disruption, and the hassle of repairs.

But these realities can be managed, and you can reduce the risk of a roofing problem during storms. You can help your business avoid roof storm damage with sensible maintenance and preventative measures.

Read on to learn more.

The Threat of Roof Storm Damage

Extreme weather storms pose a unique threat to commercial roofs. Windstorms can rip away shingles and cause damage from flying debris. Hailstorms can also cause problems, with large hailstones a risk to the roof material.

During a storm, heaving rain or ice can create leaking and flooding. Too much water creates the risk of structural damage. Each of these risks means roofs need special protection from the threat of storms.

Assessing Your Roof’s Material

Before safeguarding your roof, you need to understand what material you have. They each offer different risks. Some roofing material is more robust than others during a storm.

EPDM roofs are made from a type of rubber. These are good for protecting buildings against hailstones. However, they pose a risk during high storms and could rip away.

TPO roofs are a type of plastic. These work better in a storm but could experience damage to the surface from hailstones.

Metal roofs are a strong material for wind and hail. However, the seams can weaken during heavy rain, posing a risk of water damage.

Preventative Maintenance to Safeguard

Regular checks and maintenance of your roof play a crucial role in safeguarding.

A routine roof inspection is the best way to spot early signs of a problem. This can show up as issues like loose or missing materials or blocked drainage. Finding and fixing that early can help prevent a snowball effect and a more severe problem later.

Maintenance is the best time to replace this wear and tear and carry out cleaning, which will help protect the roof.

Ideally, schedule inspections and maintenance at least twice yearly and before peak storm seasons. Doing so will extend the life of your roof.

Safeguarding With Innovations and Upgrades

Innovation in roofing technology could offer advanced protection from roof damage. There are some designs and materials nowadays to create reinforced roofing systems. That means you can add safeguarding without replacing your entire roof.

For example, you can buy impact-resistant material if you have a shingle roof. You can also add specialized roof coatings to protect your roof material from water and wind.

Upgrades like these mean an extra expense upfront. But they can offer your commercial business long-term savings, reducing repair costs.

Keeping Your Business and Building Safe During a Storm

Safeguarding your building from roof storm damage is critical to your business continuity.

Investing in regular maintenance and improvements can help your roof withstand the elements. And that resistance will extend to your business operations during a storm.

Choose NV Roofing for all your replacement, repair, and maintenance services. Our roofing company expertise will ensure your roof and business is in safe hands.

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