Maintenance to Extend the Value
of Your Property.

Maintaining your property and extending the life and value of your investment should never be taken for granted. With the NV Roofing Property Plus maintenance program, you can rest easy, knowing that every aspect of your roofing and siding are well taken care of by our in-house service professionals.

No roofing or siding can avoid issues resulting from weather conditions and the natural aging process.

With Property Plus, small issues are addressed quickly and affordably so they do not turn into more costly repairs. By including a free yearly inspection of your roof, we also ensure that you remain compliant with any material warranties.

The best maintenance is preventative maintenance and that is precisely why we created Property Plus. Our annual inspection program is designed to maximize efficiency while minimizing the impact on your budget.

Property Plus annual maintenance & inspection includes:

Knowing and understanding your specific roofing system is critical to servicing your property, which is why our service teams are well-equipped with the necessary materials to correct minor repairs immediately. Roof cleaning (normal debris), roof sweeping with nail magnet, sealing of visible cracked flashing and open cracked penetrations are all included with Property Plus.

Property Plus Priority

As part of the Property Plus program, you have priority status! When an emergency does occur, our team is ready to respond – and fast. When Mother Nature hits, time is money. So when there is an immediate or emergency repair required, you can rest easy knowing you have the professionals at NV Roofing on your side.

It is just one more way that NV Roofing delivers on our pledge to be your trusted partner.

Severe Weather Program

Do you have a plan in place to manage your roofs if the worst-case scenario happens? Most property managers are unprepared for catastrophes and most roofers respond to problems after the fact. We’ve created a proactive process by developing a baseline through an initial inspection, recommending necessary repairs based on that inspection and remotely monitoring the weather conditions affecting your roof.

Severe weather can create chaos for you and your property. When an emergency does arise, whether from severe weather or other factors, it is critical to have a team of your professionals on your side. And in the case of NV Roofing, we are literally by your side within 24 hours.

Our dedicated emergency response team is always there to mitigate the damage, make repairs on the spot or if necessary, provide the specific documentation to help you make an informed decision on the proper resolution. Our onsite personnel is able to provide photos and conditions reports to our estimators in real time through our proprietary software, allowing us to quickly provide you with an estimate for repairs. In an emergency, time is money and at NV Roofing, our job is to resolve the issues fast to minimize the damage and the expense.