Understanding the Challenges and
Reducing Your Frustrations

At NV Roofing, we understand the many challenges of managing (or owning) a property. Every day brings something new and likely unexpected, so having partners who you can rely on and trust to be there for you is critical. We have built an organization that is focused on eliminating your “pains.” Over the years, we have compiled a list of the most common frustrations that customers share with us. While no provider is perfect, NV Roofing takes great pride in our customer-centric approach and we are confident that our organization will become a trusted provider to you and your property.

Experienced in all Commercial Roofing Systems.

Steep Slope
Asphalt shingle, slate, metal, tile, wood shake & faux slate.

Low Slope
TPO, PVC, EPDM, built up roofing, modified bitumen (hot & cold process) rubberized asphalt and roof coatings.

Common Issues. And How We Put You First.
  • ISSUE #1: Waiting for service when there is a critical issue that impacts a tenant or the integrity of the property.

    Solution: Our emergency response program, part of Property Plus, was developed specifically to address the need for immediate repair. Our in-house service team is prepared and equipped to respond to and resolve issues – fast.

  • ISSUE #2: Inaccurate or poorly documented invoices that require more of your time to approve.

    Solution: NV Roofing provides invoices with before and after photos, along with a detailed description of the work performed, saving you the hassle of having to validate the expense.

  • ISSUE #3: Change orders on replacement projects that increase budget and extend the completion time.

    Solution: At times, change orders are unavoidable. Many times, however, they are from a lack of experience, resulting in inaccurate estimate and timeline. In addition to our decades of experience and individual staff expertise, NV Roofing utilizes the precision of EagleView technology to provide an accurate estimate that accounts for every square inch of your roofing system. Accuracy up front reduces the likelihood of “surprises” and change orders!

  • ISSUE #4: Not being able to get someone on the phone and waiting a long time to be called back.

    Solution: NV Roofing has had the same phone number for close to 40 years and we answer it ourselves. In addition, our Commercial Service Department has multiple points of contact to ensure that someone is available to discuss your needs. Give us a call at 703-429-4886 (or send an email) – we are here for you.

  • ISSUE #5: Poor communication that leads to operational inefficiency, unfilled expectations and mistakes.

    Solution: Nothing is more frustrating than mistakes resulting from a lack of communication. Part of the NV Roofing customer-centric pledge is our commitment to timely and accurate information that sets clear expectations and accountability for our team. There is no mystery to effective communication – it just comes down to caring more and paying attention to detail. And that is what we do every day at NV Roofing.