There are no shortcuts to excellence and at NV Roofing, our team is dedicated to working together and with you to meet the demands of your property. We pride ourselves on being the type of people you want to work with – and hopefully enjoy on a personal level, as well.

Who We Are

John Francis

With over 25 years of industry experience, John has experienced it all firsthand. An energetic leader with an eye for detail, John consistently overcomes challenges through his innate ability to resolve complex issues. He takes great pride in his team’s ability to thrive under challenging circumstances. On the personal side, it is all about setting a strong example for his three kids and sharing time together. Hearty at heart, John enjoys a good steak dinner, golf, boating and skiing. He credits his father for his problem-solving skills and Forrest Gump for his taste of chocolate.

Paul Dow

A 25-year industry veteran, Paul started at NV Roofing in ‘06, leading the company on all levels of the customer experience. Paul has directed the Commercial Division's expansion into service & maintenance, while developing a customer-centric culture. He is VSI and GAF Master Elite certified. The product of military upbringing, Paul learned early the importance of sacrifice and family first, which he has passed on to his six kids. An avid Red Sox fan, the only moment in his life more fulfilling than the birth of his kids is the 2004 ALCS comeback.

Deryl Middleton

With over 15 years at NV Roofing, Deryl is the go-to authority for all roofing or siding questions, she is also considered the company historian for her in-depth knowledge. She oversees the operations, HR and management for the Residential and Commercial Divisions. Deryl enjoys Mexican food, her favorite movie is Red Dawn, favorite actor Sam Elliott and Neil Diamond has been her singer of choice for years. She spends her free time golfing and enjoying her friends and family – especially her granddaughters. Deryl is a graduate of West Texas University (now Texas A&M.)

Matt Murphy

A former GM at NB Handy Distribution, Matt joined NV Roofing in ‘16 to support the growing Operations Department. His hands-on approach with customers and staff inspires a “remarkable” experience. Matt credits his grandfathers for his tireless work ethic, strong values and dedication. When he is not working, he enjoys golfing, hiking and spending time with his family. He enjoys books by Tom Clancy and his favorite album to be stranded on an island with is Sammy Haggar’s Standing Hampton – he rocks! Matt is a graduate of Christendom College.

Shelly Raabe

Service Manager
When it comes to service & operations, Shelly’s career covers a lot of ground. From US Inspect to Cliff Kapson Consulting and on to NV Roofing. Shelly has risen thru the ranks based on her tireless dedication to delivering an exceptional customer experience. When she is not in leading the operations team, you can find Shelly baking up something sweet. Cookies, cakes or anything else that brings a smile to your face. Interesting enough her favorite movie is Wizard of Oz – and we know how that “roof” took flight on poor Dorothy!

Andrew Barnes

Director, Business Development
Prior to joining NV Roofing, Andy spent 15-years on the customer side as a Portfolio/General Manager working with one of the nation’s largest residential management companies. His extensive experience working with local government entities, financial institutions, auditors, and attorneys is invaluable to the NV Roofing team. Customers truly appreciate Andy’s complete understanding of the day-to-day PM responsibilities. An Elon University graduate, Andy is native of NOVA and enjoys spending time with his wife, golfing and traveling.
Quality Control & Project Assurance Team

Being accountable to you is a team effort and our commitment to having qualified staff on site ensures every project is done right. On time and on budget – that is what you can expect from NV Roofing every time.